Vasudevan Residence
Los Alto Hills, CA
Completed: 2008

The house was designed so that it’s residents could feel the time of the day and understand the seasons of the year. A "courtyard" with a circular skylight in the middle of the house implies a connection to our sun and allows it’s rays to penetrate the center with a circle of sunlight that moves to various parts of the house as the sun changes positions in the sky throughout the year. A stone wall divides and connects master from service spaces to reflect the ways we live today.

This house is a cosmic machine that controls light and enables it’s residents to connect with the universe. It’s natural and techy materials and systems reflect our lives in Silicon Valley.
325 Lytton Avenue
Palo Alto, CA
Completed: 2010

A mixed-use building in downtown Palo Alto. As this building is located on Lytton Avenue in a transition zone between commercial buildings and residential uses, the architectural expression is contemporary without being harshly modern.

It was designed to incorporate Green Building features, including a photovoltaic array and deeply recessed aluminum-frame windows with high performance double glazing units.
College Terrace Centre
Palo Alto, CA
Under Construction

The proposed mixed use complex is a 3-story mixed use building with 2 upper stories of office and ground floor commercial/retail development over 2 levels of underground parking. Neighborhood retail spaces and a small grocery store face the streets.

The project is designed to be LEED certified, and incorporates many sustainable features. Photovoltaic panels will be installed on sloped roof elements. Clerestory glazing introduces natural light into the center of he building and a courtyard at the center of the parking levels brings in natural light to the underground parking.